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Does your child miss socializing with friends or simply need assistance with remote learning? FunFit Kids is here to help create a safe and educational pod for your child to join, or assist in creating your own private pod. 


Computer Class

Beyond the Bell

Beyond The Bell offers half day or full day solutions for children enrolled in remote learning for grades K through 3. Our team supports participants by helping them log on to classes, making sure they complete assignments and providing socially distant extra-curricular activities when they are not participating in remote learning. 

Raising Hands

Pre-K Pods

Our Pre-K pod program for 3's and 4's allows children to safely gain independence as they grow their minds and bodies. It is a chance for them to learn and play with their pod-mates and hopefully bring as much normalcy back to their lives as possible. Pods will be led by experienced instructors that are familiar with pre-k educational, behavioral and physical needs. This is a half day program.

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