Frequently Asked Questions

What are pods?

Each child will join a small group of children that we call pods. Pods will stay together throughout daily activities and remain consistent throughout the semester. Pods consist of children in the same grade level and will operate on a rotating schedule, ensuring that enough space is left for social distancing (i.e when one pod has music class another will have sports class). The only time a child may leave their pod is if you opt in for a private tutoring session or a supervised Zoom class. There will be no more than 8-10 kids per pod with two instructors. Private Pods: FunFit Kids has relationships with several private, public and charter schools across the city. We understand it is important for children to have consistency within their pods/personal networks and are happy to work with schools and/or families to form pods specific to the school pods, ensuring children keep consistency with contacts throughout the week. We also offer support for existing pods both on-site and off-site such as hiring teachers, add-on extracurricular classes and backend administrative assistance. Please contact us directly at to form a private pod.

Where does this program take place?

FunFit Kids will be running this program in two locations. One program will take place at our main headquarters located at 550 West 110th Street NYC in our 3,000 square foot kids gym and classrooms. Additionally, we will be opening a second location on the "lower" Upper West Side which will be announced shortly. Due to COVID19 restrictions, space will be limited in each of the locations. Please subscribe above to stay informed as we open the programs to ensure your child's spot!
We also have capacity to run or assist in running off-site pods. We offer three levels of service for our off-site clients. FunFit Kids can help staff private pods with instructors, run extra-curricular/add-on activities or assist in administrative support. Contact us at or 646-580-3758 to learn more about private pod options.

How will you manage remote learning?

We understand that each child learns differently at his or her own pace. We leave a large block of time for remote learning daily. Children will be seated in our designated remote learning area with individual seats and desks. We will provide dividers that will give children access to privacy and safety. Children will have teachers and instructors by their side for assistance. We will support children by helping them log on to classes, making sure they complete assignments and helping them when they have questions. We also understand that sometimes classes are pre-recorded or some are live via video. We will accommodate both structures. Please notify us regarding live video classes so we can ensure the child(ren) participate in a quiet supervised environment at the correct time.

What are your COVID19 guidelines and protocols?

FunFit Kids is taking every serious precaution regarding your child's safety in light of the COVID19 pandemic. To summarize, each day staff and children will be screened at check in for fever with a contactless thermometer and/or any COVID19 symptoms. All staff will be required to wear masks for the duration of the program. We will encourage children to wear masks to the extent most possible. We will limit the sharing of equipment and school materials. While remote learning, children will sit at individual desks that have personal dividers to ensure concentration and safety. Instructors will ensure proper social distancing measures are in place and assist with frequent hand washing and hygiene protocols throughout the day. Cleaning crews will come in each night to clean and steam all mats, equipment, bathrooms and shared spaces. Additionally, there is a travel policy asking all staff and families notify the program director and/or main office at least one week prior to the staff member, child(ren), or someone residing with the child(ren) is traveling outside of New York State. Depending on the travel plan, a self-quarantine or negative Covid-test result may be required before the staff member or child can return. To see our COVID19 protocols, please click here. To see our general policies, please click here.

How does the program work?

Children will be able to register for 2, 3, 4 or 5 day options according to their remote/blended learning schedule. Half day options are available from 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM and full day options are from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. In addition, we also offer early drop-off starting at 8:15 AM and an extended day (“after-school”) option that runs from 4:00-5:15 PM. Our instructors are there to engage children with an array of activities including sports, art projects, outdoor games and music classes. There is also a dedicated block of time each day to supervise and assist children while they learn remotely. The schedule for remote learning can be fixed or flexible according to child's needs (i.e pre-recorded lessons or live Zoom classes) with an option to add on additional private tutoring in specific subjects for an additional cost. Most importantly we will make sure your child is growing cognitively, physically and socially in a safe space and environment. This program is available to children entering grades K-3 starting in the Fall 2020.
The program is semester based. We encourage that families choose specific days of the week and keep it consistent throughout the semester. The first semester runs from September 10, 2020 - January 15, 2021.

When does registration open?

As it stands now, New York City DOE has announced a proposed blended learning option to start in Fall. However, New York State will confirm this plan the first week of August, between August 1-7. Pending their direction, we will open our registration and announce program dates. Subscribe to get updates with our official registration openings.

What if my child misses a day? Are there make-ups?

Make-ups can only be arranged with the main office and are subject to availability. Your child(ren) will only be able to join a pod that is in the same grade and is not full. Only one make-up per month is allowed and requires 24-hour advance notice. There are no refunds for classes missed. Makes ups must take place before the enrolled semester is over. To learn more about our policies, please click here.

Does FunFit Kids provide food?

We do not provide lunch. Please send your child with a nutritious lunch and make sure to write their names on their lunch box. We do have a refrigerator available for use. Two individually wrapped snacks will be provided by FunFit Kids during the day and an extra snack will be provided for children joining our after-school program. Please be sure to note any allergies on your child(ren)'s registration forms.

Can my child(ren) have extra tutoring?

Yes, for an additional cost we have certified tutors that can help your child(ren) in a variety of subjects. Tutoring sessions are 1-on-1 instruction and can be opted into for 30 or 60 minute sessions.

Will teachers be available to support my child(ren)’s learning?

While we are not a school, our goal is to support learning. We will have a certified teacher onsite as well as college students available to provide homework assistance. While we will check for completion and certainly help students with questions, we cannot offer personalized education unless you opt-in to private tutoring. The learning piece will remain the responsibility of the child(ren)’s primary teacher and parent. We will do our best to assist when possible.

Does my child(ren) need to bring a computer?

Yes, we encourage that child(ren) bring their own computers for the remote learning part of the day. Please make sure they know all of the passwords to log on seamlessly to their device and be sure to write the child’s name on the device. We will have lockers with locks and staff will make sure to remind children to put their computers away each time they finish their remote learning. Children will also be reminded to take their computers home daily, it is the parents responsibility to remind children to come with a computer. High speed internet will be provided. FunFit Kids will have extra computers onsite but not enough for everyone. FunFit computers will be used in case a student’s computer presents issues and should not be relied on as a day-to-day option for each student.

When are the deadlines to register?

There is no deadline to register but we can only take a limited number of children per semester. Registration will be on a first come first serve basis with priority going to those registering for the full day program and/or pods (groups) registering together. Once you register you are committed to participating until the program ends.

What if the program doesn’t work for my child and I need to take them out?

In support of social distancing guidelines and COVID19 restrictions, our program can only take a limited number of children. When you register for our remote learning support program we are committing that spot to your child. Therefore, we are requiring a commitment from every family that you stay enrolled and are financially committed until the semester ends.

Does my child(ren) need to bring school supplies?

Yes, your child(ren) should bring all school supplies required by their primary teacher. Since each teacher has unique requirements, we will not be able to provide specific supplies per child. If your child does not bring the necessary supplies, we cannot guarantee that their school work will be completed. Nevertheless, we do have basic school supplies that we keep onsite and if we have it, we will be happy to provide items when needed.

Do we need to give FunFit Kids our child(ren)’s medical history?

Yes, FunFit Kids requires you to fill out a registration and medical form. The medical form asks for a record of immunizations which will need to be completed by your child's primary care physician.

How will you handle disciplinary/behavioral issues?

A behavior contract will be included in our registration package that must be signed by both the student and parents before starting the program. We will work with families on disciplinary issues, but our priority is the well-being, education and success of all of our children and FunFit Kids reserves the right to suspend or expel any child that is hindering another child’s ability to learn without a refund.

As a parent/guardian, what is expected of me?

Communication will be key throughout this program. As a parent/guardian, you will need to make sure your child(ren) arrives prepared with their computer, school supplies and assignments. You will need to provide our program directors with any teacher correspondence or updates. You will also need to provide your child’s student ID # and passwords so we can help them log in. Our team will reach out as needed for additional expectations and requirements. This is a team effort and we cannot be successful without your help!

How will I know how my child is doing?

We will provide a general program update weekly to all parents and each day your child will come home with documentation that their work is completed. We will reach out if necessary, but your main contact about your child’s educational progress should be your child’s primary/remote teacher.

What happens if we have a forced shut down?

If we have to close due to unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to, a second wave of COVID19, weather emergencies, natural disasters, threats, and/or other global health emergencies for more than ten days, you will receive an account credit (not cash refund) for the days that are missed and additional payments will be suspended until we are allowed to reopen.

Who/What is FunFit Kids?

FunFit Kids is a local kids gym on the Upper West Side serving the community in sports instruction, music classes, art classes, dance classes, open play, and a robust after-school program. FunFit Kids is a family business owned by Robyn and Danny Kron. They created FunFit with the help of professionals in the field of kinesiology, nutrition and early childhood development. Previous to this endeavor, Danny led experiential learning and after-school programs for many New York City based community centers and schools for over 10 years. Based on his experience, he saw an immediate need for a more comprehensive fundamental sports and confidence-building program for kids. Having children themselves and concerned about the blended learning model, Robyn and Danny decided to create a program that will accommodate the new method of learning during the COVID19 pandemic. The FunFit HQ is 3000 square feet and lends itself for a program that can accommodate proper safety precautions and run activities that are socially distanced. You can learn more about FunFit Kids by visiting us at